Stainless steel frame bead blasted for a client in Nottingham

frame before blasting

Christmas is nearly upon us, but at Blastworks there is no rest for the wicked – we’re busy as ever! Like the little elves up in the North Pole, Matt is busy making Christmas miracles in his blastroom, a.k.a. Santa’s Grotto.

He was going to decorate his domain with tinsel and mistletoe, but the blizzard of bead blasting material would have ruined it in two minutes. So instead he wears a Santa’s hat under his helmet!

Just a couple of days ago we had a stainless steel frame delivered from a customer in Nottingham. Matt stepped in and, again, raised to the challenge. It was pretty ugly looking, but we like a challenge. With his Santa hat firmly in place, it took Matt a few hours of hard work to create one fine looking fabrication!

Christmas miracles are real – take a look at the video for yourself!

Enjoy watching the whole process of bead blasting

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