Branding using bead blasting for a client in Nottingham

logo bead blasted

Here at Blastworks we are fully committed to bead blasting and honestly believe we can work miracles with our knowledge and expertise. Our designers are constantly thinking of new ways to use their bead blasting expertise! Yep we need to get out more….

Not long ago, we had a bit of a eureka moment with an idea of branding using bead blasting. All we needed was a metal plate, self-adhesive vinyl and a steady hand! The end result was a fabulous, unique branded metal plate. Customers love it – they can pretty much put their sign up anywhere they liked – a brilliant way of showing off! And more importantly, it wasn’t that expensive either.



Branding using bead blasting

1. Fabricate a metal plate any shape or size you like (within reason).

2. Print text/logo onto a self-adhesive vinyl.

3. Stick vinyl onto the metal plate.

4. Bead blast the metal plate.

5. Peel off the vinyl and clean.

Voila - you get a fabulous branded metal plate that you can show off to everyone!

Enjoy watching the whole process of branding

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