December 9, 2014
frame before blasting

Stainless steel frame bead blasted for a client in Nottingham

November 20, 2014
bead blasting metal feet

Bead blasting a frame for a client based in Leicester

November 12, 2014
logo bead blasted

Branding using bead blasting for a client in Nottingham

July 9, 2014
Glass bead blast cleaned metal sign

The blast cleaned office sign

This week at Blastworks, we were asked to create a sign for one of our regular customers that could be hung outside their office. They came […]
June 27, 2014
frame bead blasted

Quality bead blasting equipment

A poor work man always blames his tools, as the saying goes.   When things go wrong, they blame their equipment rather than themselves. Tut tut […]